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Yet More Lighting [Sep. 16th, 2008|11:43 pm]
Spectre Gruedorf Challenge Blog


Materials can be created, defined, and destroyed in the editor.

Shot 1.
Shot 2.
Shot 3.

The world parts have bump maps. Darin does not as of yet. (Falthorn! Come back! All is forgiven! I will finish Dredmor one day!)

Lighting Todo:

- Specular. Right now we don't do any sort of a specular term at all, even though we could and stuff is set up for it to be done. I kind of like having the low-key "everything is dingy" look on everything, but I respect that this is not for everybody.
- Emissive surfaces. For that neon, Blade-runner-esque glow!
- Saving and loading of materials. Right now you can create, but they're not saved out.

Lighting Todo, In The Future:

- Shadows, obviously. Probably the next thing that requires a major investment of time and energy, because shadow mapping really is just a bitch to get working "correctly".
- Re-think the directional lightmaps. It might be nice.

First Version Todo:

- track down that crash in the material editor that I can never reproduce
- track down all crashes related to NVMeshMender being fed invalid data. Shoot NVMeshMender. (Real men calculate their own tangent spaces!)
- The Immediate Lighting TODO
- Finish the Visibility Crap.
- Do some testing on other people's hardware.

I'm going to leave the scripting stuff for Release 2. Again, anybody who wants to be in on the Release Roster, gimme a shout at mordred at gas lamp games dot com.