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Dredmor TODO for being finished: - scrolls - test all remaining… - Spectre Gruedorf Challenge Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 14th, 2010|02:40 am]
Spectre Gruedorf Challenge Blog


Dredmor TODO for being finished:

- scrolls
- test all remaining unimplemented skills
- fix click accuracy and highlighting issues
- finish implementing all achievements
- put in new funny sign text
- amulets and rings
- repair the artifact system, fix item spawn rates for artifacts
- monster spellcasting: it's done, but monsters need to be equipped with appropriate spells and to know how to use them better
- small bits of monstrous AI code: pathing, doors
- redo any spell effects I don't like (+ get real license for our effects package instead of using the 30-day trial)
- repair load/save system
- meat, other foods
- pet eggs
- locks, lockpicks, and treasure chests
- more balance work on lower levels
- general fixing of bugs

And that's basically all she wrote.