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The following is the list of bugs and issues on my plate that are now… - Spectre Gruedorf Challenge Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 14th, 2010|02:38 am]
Spectre Gruedorf Challenge Blog


The following is the list of bugs and issues on my plate that are now blocking a Dredmor beta:

- crash: targeting a spell beam at the player's location
- locked chests do not spawn
- summoned monsters get in your way and cannot be shoved
- the currently highlighted object does not always correctly correspond to the object that is actually triggered
- afflictions and curses are incorrectly applied to the player during combat (apparently randomly)
- you can cast spells on objects behind the inventory screen
- polymorph traps are completely broken
- artifacts granting you vampiric powers do not correctly grant you vampiric powers
- monster buffs are applied to the player instead of the monsters
- stacked items do not merge correctly on your belt
- the quest window is not fully functional
- monster zoos are broken and need to be re-done
- monsters spawn on top of breakable objects
- player walk animations do not loop correctly

After that, I guess I blunt as many of the other issues and rough edges that are in the game while I wait for everybody else to get their beta shit together, and we go ship this pig.