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Shadowmapping (part 1 of many) - Spectre Gruedorf Challenge Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Shadowmapping (part 1 of many) [Apr. 1st, 2008|04:35 am]
Spectre Gruedorf Challenge Blog


I spent most of the day putting together a demo (!) for some potential clients in my real-life contracting gig. As a result of that, I decided that I really should get the shadow maps working.

A little thrashing around, and the shadow maps are now back in the engine. We now have one point light, one directional light, and the directional light uses a (very ugly, 1024x1024, not well placed) shadow map. I need to go implement variance shadow mapping to soften my edges, position it better, and do some sort of perspective space bias, but it's a start.

The inevitable shot:

I know I have IMVU readers out there. This would be a good one for hack week, guys. It took me all of four hours to do, and you have a week. Get moving!

From: dreamstem
2008-04-01 11:13 pm (UTC)

Great work

I just wanted to say that what you are doing is really cool. I have been following your work for a while through Gruedorf and I am sure fellow Gruedorf people think the same. Keep it up! =)

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[User Picture]From: mad_and_crazy
2008-04-01 11:59 pm (UTC)

Re: Great work

Why thank you!
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